The Sing 'n Smile Club really does help people to feel happier and healthier in their daily lives. We receive lots of wonderful feedback from members telling us this at every session. Please see our Testimonials page to view some recent comments.
  • Members say their sing-along sessions help them feel happier and more energised. Members tell us they feel full of energy after their sing-alongs, and that this feeling remains with them for the rest of the day.
  • During sessions, there is a sense of increased cheerfulness, optimism and exuberance in everyone. Our club is filled with fun and laughter; the atmosphere is truly wonderful.
  • Members tell us they always feel more upbeat after a session. Members say they feel more sociable, more motivated, less worried and less anxious about the outsided world. At sessions we notice that people become more chatty both during and after a sing-along. We see members giggling along to certain songs and laughing socially with new friends during tea time.
  • Members tell us they always look forward to coming to their club sing-along and that it's become the highlight of their week.
Scientific Research

During the past few years, science has been hard at work trying to explain why singing has such a calming yet profoundly energising effect on people. What researchers are beginning to discover is that…

"...singing is like an infusion of the perfect medicinal remedy...
...the kind that both soothes your nerves and elevates your spirits..."

Scientific research shows that group singing can make a huge difference to feelings of well-being in an older person. Studies determined that singing aloud in a group setting can improve brain functionality, increase feelings of positivity and improve quality of life. It is also a great way for people to socialise. According to a study on the benefits of group singing, people who took part in the study experienced:
  • increased self-confidence
  • better quality of life
  • improved interaction with other people in social settings
  • reduced anxiety
Another study found that joining a singing group had a positive impact on the mental health of older adults. People who took part in this study experienced:
  • fewer incidences of depression
  • fewer hospital visits
  • fewer eyesight problems
  • improvements in the tone of their speaking voice
  • easier breathing
  • improved posture
Even when people are poorly, with illness such as dementia, studies show that just being in a room filled with music and happiness is very uplifting and extremely therapeutic.

See For Yourself...

Don't just take our word for it, come along to any of our club sessions and witness the uplifting effects for yourself... come and enjoy being part of the fun and feel the happy energy that's generated at every session.

Take a look at the many scientific research studies undertaken, which detail the health benefits associated with group singing for the older generation. Links to some of these research studies can be found on our Resources page.

Pete says...
"The Sing 'n Smile Club has changed my life, it's brilliant. I've made lots of new friends and I don't feel lonely like I used to."

Vera says...
"I'm addicted to The Sing 'n Smile Club, the sing-along sessions make me feel so happy and I've made many new friends."
make me feel so happy, I've met lots of lovely people and made many new friends..!"