Everything at The Sing 'n Smile Club is designed with FUN and laughter in mind.

Singing is a wonderful form of exercise; the health benefits are proven and measurable... but at our sessions we don't just sing...

...we use fun instruments and colourful props to encourage active participation and we include dancing and stretching activities, which can help improve balance, flexibility and strength in those who take part.

everyone limbering up for the Break Dance routine!
"...when we were kids they called us the youngsters..."
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Our fun activities may include (for example) a gentle Conga around the room, or wiggling about to The Birdy Song (either seated or standing) or we may do the actions to another light-hearted song such as The Music Man, Simon Says, YMCA to name a few.

Our fun activities
are designed so that everyone can join in as much as they are able and if they so wish. Some members are able to clap along to certain songs, whilst other members are able to dance. These short activity bursts are designed to encourage members to become a little bit more active in their daily lives, especially whilst at home, during TV Ad breaks.

Some members have started "Break Dancing!"
We think it's great that members now practise their break dancing moves at home during TV Ad breaks. Come along to a session and find out what it's all about.

one of our new groups getting tied up in yellow-ribbon knots
Some members are now "Line Dancing!"  We continue to practise The Electric Slide... our dance moves include The Grapevine, Backward Tap Steps, Rock/Tap Steps, Scuffs & Quarter Turns. Most members have mastered the basic steps now and so shortly we'll add flourish to the dance! Our line-dancing moves are now looking very slick indeed. Yee-Hah!!!

Some members now use lightweight Pilates bands
at home. Many members are saying that their bands are really helping to improve their flexibility. Pilates is recognised as a wonderful form of exercise for older adults, however it's important to check with your doctor, before starting this or any other form of exercise.

"...now we've grown older, they call us the funsters..!"
Ken in a tangle with his ribbons!